Art Academy

Harmoniously integrated in the urban area of the city, building still stands with a distinct character of its own. Focal point of the design was to make the space easy to navigate and enriched with a daylight. Overall aesthetics was hugely influenced by Daniel Libeskind's Royal Ontario Museum architecture. \ Two massive divisions of the art academy have three entrances on 3 different levels. The ground floor entrance and the garage lead to the waiting hall, which is bridging auditoriums and a concert hall. \ Exoskeleton is slit by large asymmetrical windows, through which a natural light diligently pours into both buildings. \ Concert hall resides above the parking space in the western wing and its interior is arranged in a way that an audience faces the window. \ Upper level entrance is split in two directions: the right one guides the visitor to the viewpoint and the left one - to the cafe and the lounge area, below which, auditoriums are located.

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