Sarpi Border Checkpoint

Sarpi border checkpoint is an architectural equivalent of a first impression. As a testament to this building being the entering point to Georgia, shape of the watchtower is inspired by the Georgian lettering.

The customs hall for leaving Georgia is located closer to the seaside, than the one for entering the country and The duty free shop resides alongside to it.
The interior design is minimalistic in terms of both, forms and colors, amplifying the focus on functionality.

Architect's note: 
'This project came with tight deadline and required meticulously thought-out planning of construction process, as it had to be put to use before the final completion of the building. Implementing interior design was particularly fulfilling experience for me.

My involvement in Sarpi border checkpoint and Mestia Airport projects served as a stepping stone for me, in terms of working independently as an architect and being more audacious in executing my personal architectural concepts that seemed way more challenging before.'
J Mayer H.
Architecture Team
Jesko Malkolm Johnsson-Zahn / Christoph Emenlauer

Architects on Site
Beka Pkhakadze / Ucha Tsotseria
Mika Motskobili

Jesko Malkolm Johnsson-Zahn / Beka Pkhakadze

Sarpi / Georgia
Public Architecture
Ministry of Finance of Georgia
Building Company
JSC Transmsheni