Georgia - The Art of Feast / Sirha, Bocuse d'Or


For the first time, Georgia will be represented at the partners Village of Sirha expo in Lyon. Young Georgian chefs will demonstrate a modern interpretation of traditional Georgian cuisine and local ingredients under the theme: "The Art of Feast”.

The Georgian corner comprises the open and closed kitchens. Cooking will take place in the open kitchen and the process will be displayed on a large screen. The dishes will be available at two different spaces: a spot with the traditional low tables, a sofa and the pillows, embellished with Georgian textiles, and an open area with a Georgian Feast installation. A glass base of the table encloses the roots symbolizing the long-standing Georgian traditions, a green wall in a background is adorned with an outline of Georgia’s map and supra-related words in Georgian lettering decorate the walls of the installation space. The lines on the ceiling are echoing wood panel arrangements in a dome-shaped ceilings, built with an old Georgian technique. 

A separate, wine tasting section is decorated with three top parts of Kvevri models.

Project Team
Beka Pkhakadze / George Bendelava
Mika Motskobili

Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia
Art Direction

Lyon / France
Sirha 2019/ Bocuse d’Or
Stand Design
In Progress

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