We work in the field of Architecture and Design since 2012, focusing mainly on creatively fulfilling projects of exceptional quality.


The company is involved in projects of various scales and types, where specificities of the project brief can resonate rather differently for the viewer, resulting in aesthetics varying from cold to welcoming to the public eye.

While working on the residential interiors, we keep ourselves aware of the intimacy and individuality of the space and strive to create welcoming and personal places.

On the contrary, while designing public spaces, we aim at developing a distinct visual mark of the place, composed of sharp and minimalist aesthetics to underline the surroundings.

Defining Tsavkisi's Luxurious Living with Sleek Contours

Tsavkisi is a mountainous region near Tbilisi, known for its panoramic views of the city. Amidst this setting, the design's ambition is to seamlessly stand out yet harmoniously belong within its environment. This aspiration takes form through a fluid, organic shape reminiscent of a sculpture. Realized primarily through the innovative use of sculptured fiber concrete, this material is chosen not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its aging properties, which enhance the structure's character over time.
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