​​​​​​​Invests creative power in Architecture, Design​​​​​​​ and Various imaginative projects.

Gently blended wooden and stone textures unfold composure in the capacious apartment
In contrast to the first floor, the second floor modules are arranged on a different angle and are covered with black metal sheets
We are involved in projects of any scale and type and as the architectural pieces are on display to public eye, their aesthetics may vary from cold to welcoming.

We keep in mind the factor of home interiors being in reach to the private eye and we are aspiring to create cosy designs. Regarding commercial spaces, we are aiming for molding a distinct visual mark of the place, aesthetics of which could be sharp and minimalistic.

Art Direction
Creativity encompasses every subject matter.
The company's unique name combines a simplified version of 'Steep', and 'Fold', conveying the idea of rejecting walls, floors and ceilings as separate entities, but rather continuation of each other, folding into one organism.