STIPFOLD works in the field of 
architecture and design since 2012, 
focusing mainly on 
creatively fulfilling projects 
of exceptional quality.


We approach projects of all scales with consistent creativity and dedication. Each project presents a unique design challenge that we enthusiastically embrace. Our expertise allows us to deliver innovative solutions suited to diverse needs. We thrive on the variety of our projects, finding and solving unique challenges in every endeavor, ensuring impactful and functional architectural results.

Interior design

Interior design is a seamless extension of our architectural vision, creating unified and harmonious environments. We believe architecture and interior design should coexist as a single entity, ensuring continuity and unity throughout the project. By mastering both disciplines, we deliver projects that are cohesive and natural, from concept to execution. We embrace interior design projects of all scales, delivering elegant and integrated designs that improve the overall architectural vision.

Sculpting the extraordinary

At STIPFOLD, we believe that architecture goes beyond traditional boundaries and becomes an art form. Our philosophy is rooted in the conviction that every project presents a unique opportunity to innovate, inspire, and push the limits of what’s possible. We embrace bold, experimental designs that challenge norms and create spaces that are not only functional but also impactful. STIPFOLD's dedication to cutting-edge technology and unique material combinations ensures that each project is a masterpiece, sculpting extraordinary environments that leave a lasting impression.

Design Language
STIPFOLD's design language is not limited by essential forms, allowing for more organic and unexpected shapes. STIPFOLD seeks extraordinary expressions that expand the imagination and redefine architectural norms, constantly searching for the future of architecture. We envision a world where complex forms are standard, enabling truly groundbreaking designs.

STIPFOLD implements parametric architecture to achieve unexpected outcomes, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. By leveraging advanced technology, STIPFOLD expands the realm of imagination and creates innovative solutions that redefine architectural design, envisioning a future where complex forms become standard.

timeless simplicity

STENSE is dedicated to the pursuit of timeless elegance and simplicity in design. We believe that the most profound beauty lies in refined simplicity and exceptional craftsmanship. STENSE's philosophy centers on creating spaces that elevate everyday experiences through minimalistic yet sophisticated design. By focusing on essential forms and natural materials, STENSE crafts environments that exude calmness and endure over time. At STENSE, every project is a testament to the enduring quality of thoughtful design, blending refinement with elegance to create timeless spaces.

Design Language
STENSE's design language emphasizes clean lines, simple geometric shapes, and natural materials. STENSE prioritizes craftsmanship and the careful selection of materials to create spaces that are serene, functional, and timeless. By focusing on essential forms, STENSE avoids unnecessary complexity, maximizing the design's impact while keeping projects efficient and manageable, grounded in the present and well-tested technologies.

While STENSE's designs are rooted in timeless principles, STENSE embraces modern technology to enhance the design process and deliver superior results. STENSE uses state-of-the-art tools for precise planning and execution, ensuring that each project is both beautiful and practical. STENSE's approach relies on present, reliable technologies that guarantee durability and functionality.

New Projects / Commercial Offers

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