Aerial view of a modern, multi-story residential building with a unique angular design, surrounded by lush greenery and adjacent residential homes
On this small, 400 square meter area we decided to go with a simple and straightforward configuration: the first floor is allocated to the daytime spaces and a garage, the second floor is dedicated to the bedrooms and the third floor is allotted to a terrace and a small studio. The cozy and cloistered yard surrounds and easily unravels in front of the first floor.

The surroundings are chaotically composed of various architectural styles and we wanted to bring a sharp and modern design into this environment, where it would stand out as a sculptural piece. The intention was to devise a captivating structure through simple shapes. We achieved this by tilting the planes as if these dark metal and wooden outer layers are folding ceaselessly into one another.
Project Team
Beka Pkhakadze / George Bendelava / Giorgi Zakashvili / Niko Malazonia / Levan gogava

Tbilisi / Georgia
Residential / House
400 m²
Under Construction
Side view of a modern residential building with overlapping angular roofs and a mix of wooden and metal exterior finishes, situated in a leafy residential area
Composite image featuring a futuristic car driving on a modern road, detailed close-ups of a car's angular design elements, and a digital architectural model with similar geometric shapes.
Front view of a contemporary multi-story house with sharp geometric shapes, featuring large windows, metal, and wooden cladding, set amidst a green suburban neighborhood
Collage of images showing a vintage sports car, detailed views of its interior and exterior design, including metal textures and a modern, abstract metal chair.
Interior view of a modern living space with a minimalist design, featuring a sunken seating area, a kitchen with an island, and dark color schemes
Interior view of a sleek, modern garage with a luxury car parked inside, featuring futuristic lighting and dark perforated metal walls.
The intention was to devise a captivating structure through simple shapes.
3D axonometric view of a modern, angular house with multiple levels, large windows, and a helipad on the roof.
Rear view of a modern house with an angular design, showcasing a terrace on the top floor and large windows, surrounded by trees and adjacent homes.

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